Department of English

       The Department of English is headed by Mr. V. J James PGT (English) a Senior Master of English. , along with others asst. masters Mr. Vijit Kumar , Mr. Brajesh Kumar and Mr. Prabhat Kumar Jha .

*      The Department has highly qualified faculty members who are well versed in the latest method of ELT.

*      The Department is equipped with the latest audio visual aids.

*      The Department Conducts the Crash Course of English for the newcomers who are constantly guided and encouraged to converse in English.

*      Recently the cadets of the Dramatics club staged the drama “The Bishop’s Candlesticks”.

*      The Department of English lays stress on the mastery of all the four skills i.e. LSRW through individual, pair and group involvement, presentation and discussion.

*       The   Department aims at enabling the cadets to achieve greater fluency, accuracy and confidence in English.

*        There is also a Language Lab in the school which provides all the basic language skill s to the student.

*      The Board result as well as those of the co-curricular activities speak volumes of its achievement from zonal to national level.

*      Each cadet is provided with a newspaper (English. edition) with a view to improving spoken English and General awareness.

*      Communication in English is mandatory in the school campus.

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