Department of Social Science

  • The Department of Social Science is headed by Mr. Inderajeet Kumar TGT(Geography), Mr Zakiyol Kintso TGT , Mr Ashutosh Kumar TGT Social Science.
  • Main achievements are as follows:-
  • G K Competition is organized twice a year (JRS and SRS) by Social Science Department.

    Different types of innovative methods are applied to make the topics interesting and lively. Some of them are as follows.

      • Application of Micro- Teaching in Remedial Classes.
      • Interactive Board with Micro Projector and Touch Screen Computer facilities for effective teaching-learning activities.
      • Internet facility is used to optimum level to collect information on current issues to procure Data.
      • Use of Meteorological outfit, Raingauge, Wall Thermometer, Apparatus of Solar Systems corelated with Physics Lab.
      • Traditional and Conventional Teaching Aids are also used.
      • Study tour programmes are organized to visit historical, cultural and, scientifically advanced places to bring in qualities of pride about our culture and society with the development of Scientific Temperament. It is sure that they will receive the dividend in their future days.

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